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Because we all know, it is senseful to treat patients and not disease, it is necessary to think about a new concept of FEELING ill or healthy.


The idea that bacteria or other beings would be attacking humans and would destroy them, dated from allopathy, which is fighting AGAINST something. Ancient healing process to know that life is a matter of flow, in which we all are.

Modern medicine, which is taught at the university, is the result the burning of witches in Europe, where the natural medicine has been largely destroyed. The Catholic Church established „seminars“ and „institutions“ that decide its „medicine“ was taught. Without practical experience, in theory, without anatomy, without physiology, without pathophysiology, at least without a peep inside the body. As they had burned all healers (witches were healer, the old expression „Hexe“ [witch] means „woman in the hedge“ as one who knows the plants), there was no way to draw on experience. Leonardo da Vinci stole dead bodies from the cemetery in cloak-and-dagger operations in order to know how the human looked under the skin. Had he been caught, he would have burned at the stake.

This medicine has been from Europe to the United States only, later exported to the rest of the world.

Einsiedler, Tarot der Weisen Frauen, Gisa

Einsiedler, Tarot der Weisen Frauen, Gisa

Experience-healing waived this knowledge. Centuries of experience made it possible to have knowledge about the behavior of people. There was the knowledge of medicinal plants and healing clays etc. With this knowledge, people have been ancient, if not a war, no famine that killed people before.

One type of medicine allopathy dominated excellent: the area from which it is grown. In every war, there was the surgeon who patched together everything weapons had violated. In this area, allopathy is still unbeaten well.

However, when it comes to healing, conventional medicine has no offers. It has a structure of thought, on the high revenues enormous gains to be made: the war against attackers. So the war, it has always been done.

The natural medicine does not know these attackers. This treatment looks at the total to find the fault in the steady state.

Exactly what makes homeopathy. A homeopath considers the totality, to demonstrate by comparing the balance. With this information, the totality of a person restores the balance. Therefore, we are also talking to give a remedy WITH a disorder, not AGAINST a disease.

Long story short:
If there is no attacker, as we have learned at the university, then we could stop thinking about anti bacteria. But then we should begin to design our own concept. The first step is to make bacteria to friends. They are also part of the flow of life. Actually, what we are made of bacteria. Mitochondria are adapted bacteria. Presumably all cellular organelles are adapted bacteria. If we extrapolate this, we are a bunch of bacteria, consisting of trillions of bacteria.

For a better understanding:
Since coming 1.000 anti-bacteria and attack the trillions of bacteria. I think the bacteria of the body are laughing at the attackers. More cannot be happening. The concept of „bacterium attacks the body“ seems illogical. No one has been able to observe such an attack. In the Petri dish can happen, but that is not the body in which the flow of life flows. In the body, it is impossible to watch. If in the course of a disease is dead tissue, it may be that this has happened by endogenous bacteria. These bacteria may have removed damaged tissue.

In an anthill with assault following happens:
The attackers are killed or they adapt to the ant colony by taking over the fragrance. Ditto in a termite state. Termites form of a skull, which closes inputs. No one can use this input. That’s it.

Nature always know how to help. Why should humans be any different in principle?
Is a difference to the animal kingdom, however it when people:
He was born as a baby and has developed into a personality with its own methods, feelings and goals. He lives differently than his fellow men. Maybe he dies as a worker, a pensioner or an inventor. Maybe he writes books and he goes as athletes at the start.

No animal has such ideas. No animal has a purpose in life that is different from survival, eating, sleeping and walking. This is an important difference.
We humans think, feel and act. We have ideas and intentions. We are clearly differentiated. But we’re so in each case as a whole.
If we humans do not feel good, then we do that as a whole. Therefore it is necessary to be treated as a whole. Therefore, we must take account of our feelings. We have to consider our thoughts. Just like our appearance and our image.
As a treater (I will not use “doctor”, it’s wrong in this context), we have to start a new way of thinking: what is the feeling of sickness. What has changed your body? What is the background of malaise?

Heilerin, Tarot der Weisen Frauen, Gisa

Heilerin, Tarot der Weisen Frauen, Gisa

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