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These days, people are panicked from Ebola due to breaking news in media. Ebola virus is believed to be a fatal killer, may kill 90 out of 100. There are 2 types of news, one is propagating this other is discarding; God knows what is the motive behind this since the news has flashed from the Geneva, the head quarter which controls the health of the people of the world. This reminds me those days when the news of AIDS as a killer disease was first announced from a seven star hotel of Los Angeles (USA). Surprisingly, the common link between these two is that poor monkey which is green and lives in Africa.


Ebola was a virus of Marburg (a city of Germany), where this fever was erupted and spread into some parts of the Europe in the year 1967 by the name Marburg Fever. It was as in Mumbai, a mysterious viral fever termed as Dombivali fever as epidemic was spread in the year 1974. Dombivali is one suburban area of Mumbai so is the Marburg, one city; of Faderal Republic of Germany. The birth place of Ebola is Africa, while the fever erupted in Europe. A quite number of cases of this mysterious fever with hemorrhagic disease, with high grade mortality, were reported from Marburg and was later found that was because of the handling of blood cells of a shipment of African green monkeys which had been imported via London from the places of their capture in Uganda. This fever was like Lassa fever which had also several outbreaks in Nigeria (Africa) in those days. Symptoms of both were fatigue, fever, throat infection with blisters and in severe cases bleeding of skin, mucous membranes and inner organs were seen as is seen, sometimes, in Dengue fever here in India. It is a well known fact that in Dengue, at times hemorrhages and bleeding are so severe that patient would die faster due to bleeding and shock.

Ebola or Marburg Fever virus is a RNA virus with single stranded but with positive energy like Yellow fever of Africa, like dengue of Mumbai. Since last few years in Mumbai, dengue has become a major killer, here a question arises, if will turn into a form of ebola then what will going to happen??? God knows!!! Viruses are changing make-ups. In Mumbai, the climate suitable for this could be September-October because of heat during days and cold at nights.

As Dengue has linked to mosquito, influenza to birds, ebola has direct relation with the green monkeys. AIDS virus also has relation with these monkeys so is the polio. It is therefore these monkeys are very important for the researches. Some researchers have found that most of such single stranded viruses belonging to monkeys are causing cancers, it is because these though are harmless but retained inside like dengue within the system of a host as a parasite. Such single handed or stranded harmless viruses whether of Dengue or of Ebola either from a mosquito or monkey if retained inside the body, use DNA of the host to multiply them and hence therefore such kind of harmless viruses become dangerous by tampering genes, then can cause variety of problems including cancer. Diseases like cancers, AIDS & TB can also occur due to tampered genes or due to damaging of the immune response of the body of the host.

However, for example, take this Ebola; In its initial stages i.e. 50 years ago, although, altogether there were 24 primary cases of this, 7 out of 24 were died. While now in it’s recent scourge which had occurred in Africa and has spread to some parts of it, so far seven hundred to one thousand persons have been reported as dead, that too in six months since after its spread which had started somewhere in the month of December last year. Please note, which is very important, in African continent the month of December last year, as its climatic environmental condition is same as in the month of October in the tropical Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

This green monkey of Africa which is the carrier of this ebola virus is being also targeted since is being carrying AIDS Virus, Polio Virus and also to certain extent is a source to Cancer Viruses in form of Simon monkey has been also reported. Poor this monkey, an innocent animal, but has become important for those who believe diseases are being transferred through viruses from them and not because of the inhumanity of those humans which terrifying them by inflecting injuries and torture. Most of the people would not know that viruses are originating from such inhuman acts. The proof of this is lying in this incidence too, which was first seen in those workers who were handling these monkeys and then from them to who were handling their blood samples which were brought to different laboratories of Europe, one such was in the city of Marburg. Same cases of similar disease were also seen at the similar laboratories in Yugoslavia for the same purpose but the most surprising part of this whole story was that most of those patients who were affected were not having the molecules similar to that of Ebola or Lassa which were in those green monkeys. So this present Hoo Haa about ebola, God knows! May be a drama staged to gain for some purpose. May be testing of a new drug there in Africa for such kind of hemorrhagic fevers which are very often come during certain climatic conditions with different names whether Europe or Asia, Africa or America. Modern virologists include them in one family the Togaviruses, which cause hemorrhagic fevers or fevers with bloody eruptions. Old allopaths knew them as Zymotic fevers and linked them to microzymas. Today modern medicine know them as with positive or negative strands, some which have their DNA some no, only having RNA, therefore cannot multiply hence may use the DNA of the hosts. Old Indian physicians define them with cold and hot energies, as “Chandra Dhara” and “Surya Dhara”. One links to water another to fire. Water spread through droplets like TB while fire through body contacts like AIDS or by ingestion of food like Malaria.

The actual problems of today are, that young individuals are dying not the old !!! Younger are supposed to have acquired immunity so are the children! But why they are dying than olds? Where is the fault? Again another question is arising why relapses of malaria are occurring again and again and or why malaria or Typhoid has become resistant? Why TB has also become resistant to Drugs, the same which were been proved effective? Above all, why the incidences of cancer in children are rising? Where is the fault, what is the fault?! Who is responsible?!! Whether germs or viruses or we and our health system?!!

Recent WHO’s speculation which they predicted in the millennium year that they are going to eradicate all such kind of diseases which are having linked with infections. They predicted again that between the year 2002 to 2020 about 1000 million people will be newly infected to a destructive disease, (may be AIDS or TB), out of that 36 million will die of Tuberculosis and approximately one thousand million people will be newly infected to TB. In other words which also means then what for BCG inoculation was. In fact with this interpretation WHO is proving the law of immunology of nature and also the philosophy of homeopathy; that in every infection or of an epidemic situation, one third of the population may die to that, while one third overcome to that and one third will remain the sufferer forever, and will continue to suffer from this or that.

Homeopathy has already defined this long ago in terms of Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis. Psora is an active, while Syphilis inactive and Sycosis is in between the two a mysterious condition, about which one cannot predict; Cancer, TB and AIDS could be from such examples.

TB germ is a rod shaped which itself is inactive but can bear the fire, i.e. cannot destroy by any acid. Means where an acid which like fire can burn anything cannot destroy this, then as an inactive pathogen how can cause a disease where our known therapeutics are failing to destroy these germs. It seems this is like a tragedy of our time which is rather being controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, and not by the WHO. God knows the fact.

However, the problem is not with the germs or any virus, it is with our public health with its narrow thinking which is unable to understand. On the contrary it finds fault either in doctors or in drugs. Mosquitoes, birds or rats & rodents would also be blamed. The fact also is when new diseases are being frequently seen then again question arises why a doctor should be blamed who is stuck to this old tactics with old drugs which were known as successful in those climatic or environmental conditions in which were proven. Whether was in Europe, America, or Asia, or Africa. So the know how about a new drug will be best known to them.

Asia is a rich continent as far as of its population and diseases are, therefore common people of this are not rich. Unfortunately TB is a disease of poor and which was already speculated shortly is going to kill so many millions.

However, to explain all this to understand, since today’s medicine is being ruled by the pharmaceutical industry, the capitalists, the newly monarch which runs the government and also henceforth, people will continue to believe what they want that which will make people to believe. And which was also the reason Dr. Peter Duesberg’s HIV/AIDS claims have been rejected, by declaring them as incorrect and disproven by so called scientific communities of the world of this time.

According to Dr. Duesberg who was a professor of molecular and cell biology at the Berkley University of California. According to his studies which he observed in Africa where AIDS was, he said HIV does not cause AIDS. Dr. Duesberg though gained fame in the field of oncology for his research on oncogenes that certain birds have certain viruses which are tampering the genes of human. His findings on this were regarded but on AIDS were criticized. On the contrary an enquiry was made against him about which he said that AIDS in Africa was not due to virus but was due to those drugs which were used as trial in those to kill that those imaginary viruses considered to be causing AIDS.

God knows what happened to Duesberg. My findings support his research and which I have also discussed with Dr. Leanna J. Standish and Cherie Reeves, the chief investigators of AIDS of that time from Bastyr University of Bothel, Washington. My parameters about the cure of AIDS patients were fulfilling five parameters of six which were required for the definition of cure of an AIDS patient. One was going against to their parameter, viral count. And which was, what I found that, in those patients of AIDS in whom the viral load was high have shown better prognosis, which proves all the theories in context to AIDS were concocted by these scientists. Same thing I have seen in these multi drug resistant cases of TBs, in whom the presence of TB germs were the sign of their recovery. They responded to the treatment of mine recovered faster rather than whom no germs were seen. I found these were confused and frightened, homeopathic sycosis may be in this. Presence of germs in TB or virus, HIV in AIDS means that is psora. Psora can be treated easily while sycosis, suppressed pathology is difficult to treat.

Now what to conclude, I think I have no voice to conclude since in our society mostly, people are of sycotic (Not Psychotic). Sycosis of homeopathy is a mysterious disease they suffer more in their thoughts rather than in the body it was therefore their problems remained hidden under their pathos and which were not found by those doctors since they were treating them or were testing them since they were treating them just superficially if a pathology is being suppressed forcefully will not be having those suffering through which the case of actual pathos can be found and or be treated.

Now with all my clinical experience of about fifty years I conclude that homeopathy is the only pathy which can heal all such minds including the sufferings of mankind, all doctors and healers, what so pathy or doctrines they belong to, should know about homeopathy which is a true science and art of healing. In schools also this law must be taught as the law of physics of the polarity in syllabus.

Homeopathy can handle Ebola and all such epidemically diseases and also any emergency in better way than by any other means. This should also include as emergency in hospitals and casualties. Homeopathy can treat acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions of all kinds of emergencies. As allopathy knows ways of various managements homeopathy known of various drugs of emergency thus help mankind more easily and fastly as compare to allopathy or any other pathies of today. God bless our children and young, if Ebola will strike here in Asia, its favorable climatic condition would be the month of October and the children who suffered with dengue may not be affected to this, this is a natural protection. In homeopathy, the remedy which has the symptoms of Ebola could be Crotolus Horridus of homeopathy. Crotolus is a rattle snake of north America.

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