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Grows to a height of 1-2 ft (30-60) cm mainly in fields, hedgegerows and on waste ground. Flowers Between June and August Producing a Tall conical spike of small yellow flowers. Each Flower lasts only 3 days.

Emotional Group : Oversensitive to influences and ideas…

Agrimony relates to the soul potentials of joyfulness and an ability to confront others . In the -ve agrimony state , efforts are made to ignore the dark side of life and there are problems with integrating such experiences into the personality. Attempts are made to conceal torturing thoughts and inner restlessness behind a facade of cheerfulness and freedom from care.

Agrimony Key Symptoms

  • Mental Torture
  • Hidden Worries behind a cheerful face
  • Avoids Emotional pain
  • Internal restlessness

  • Likes to live in peace in a good atmosphere, discord and upsets in the surroundings cause mental strain
  • Will do a lot “just for the sake of peace”
  • Makes almost any sacrifice to maintain peace of mind, within oneself and outside and to avoid confrontation
  • Hides inner turbulence and restlessness behind a mask of jocularity and cheerfulness. The motto is “always smiling”
  • Attaches great importance to the impressions been made
  • Minimizes problems and doesnot speak about them, not even when the subject is brought up by others
  • To escape persistent, worrying thoughts, always looks for excitment and variety — cinema, parties, action of any kind
  • Sociable in order to forget troubles in good company
  • A good friend , the peacemaker, the great fellow, the life and soul of every party
  • Resorts to alcohol and drugs to overcome difficult times and damp down unpleasant thoughts
  • Always has to be on the move to stop thinking
  • When ill , plays down discomforts

“{Text Taken From Book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}

Detailed Explanation of Negative Emotions

  • Bright, vivacious, cheerful on the outside; resteless, agitated, tortured on the inside
  • Hidden worries. Silent /Supposed Grief. They hide their feelings or mental torture behind a grave and cheerful face.
  • Talks a lot but not about his problems or worries. Thinks ” my problems are mine only; why bothers others with them.
  • Dislikes loneliness because when he is alone, he feels more tormented by his worries
  • Sleepless at night due to disquite inside
  • Weeps alone
  • Pre-occupied mind
  • Joyful even at sorrow
  • Peace loving people. They avoid arguments at all cost. Any outside interruptions and disharmony distresses them. Does not even bargain with shopkeeper
  • The patient doesnot go to Doctor, if he falls ill. He is taken to Doctor by some well wisher. Never anoys others when he is ill
  • Suicidal tendency

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • Inner harmony and more attentiveness to the present moment.
  • Strengthens inner peace and harmony. Serenity.
  • Carefree
  • Quickly forgetting harsh moments of life .Able to resume normal cheerful outlook
  • Full appreciation of the present moment and it’s treasures as the mind has no worry
  • Peace inside and outside with genuine inner joyfulness
  • Expresses worries or concerns clearly and seeks slutions

Physical Diseases Due to Negative Emotions

  • Supressed  emotions will be expressed physically as under
  • Pains like- Tension headaches, Migraines
  • Insomnia and nightmares ( due to compulsive thought activity)
  • Hypertension, liver/gallbladder disturbance (agrimony used as an herbal remedy for liver troubles)
  • Chronic Cough, skin disease (irritation), constipation and rheumatism
References and Further Readings

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