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Cichorium Intybus ….

A much Branched perenial , upto 90cm in height , found on gravel , chalcky and waste land and the open boarders of road sides and fields. Only a few of the star-like bright blye flowers open at a time . They are very delicate , fading as soon as they are picked .

Emotional Group:  Overcare for wellfare of others

“Chicory realates to the soul potentials of motherliness and selfless love. In negative Chicory state , theese qualities have turned  negative , becoming egoistic , self centered.

Chicory Bud Keynote Symptoms …

Selfish and Possesive Love

OverPossesive Nature

Self Pitty  and Emotinal Blackmail

  • Possesive Attitude , Excessive interfearing and sectretly manuplating .Demanding full support from those around . lapsing into self pitty if unable to have one’s will.
  • Egoistic , domineering , demanding a lot , which unnerves others.
  • Takes pleasure in constantly commenting on things , correcting , critisizing.
  • Has to have ‘loved ones’ around like a court , in order to unobtrusively monitor and direct thier lives.
  • Does everything for others , almost forcing good deeds on them  .MOTTO ” You will have it even if it kills you”.
  • Selfishness , conditional love :’I do love you on condition  that….’
  • With a certain inner pride of ownership toying with the affection offered by others .
  • Manipulates , playing the diplomat , cleverly manages to gain own will or retain influence.
  • Emotional Blackmail.
  • Finds it hard to forgive and forget.
  • Secretly fears loosing friends , relationships  or possessions.
  • Easily feels slighted , passed over or hurt.
  • Exaggerates in description of ‘own’ misery.
  • May escape into illness on occasion , to gain sympathy or achieve hands.
  • Grows very angry if not getting own way , possibly playing the martyr , may break into tears at the ingratitude of others.
  • Speaks of ‘ what the other owes one.
  • Super mothers , firmly holding the riens in the family.
  • May shy from physical contact with others.
  • Children :-   Constantly in need of attention , dont like to be on thier own , clinging etc.

” {Text taken from book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}

Detailed Explanation of Negative Mind Set

  • Does Everything to serve his self interest , Love of self , The person becomes Selfish
  • Want to be praised. Wants response and gratitude for thier deeds done . May fake illness (hypochondriac) to get attention and appriciation
  • There are two kinds Chicory . The outgoing expressive state and the state of self pitty and withdrawl.
  • They need the closeness of those  , who care for thier comfort and happiness.
  • They are greedy of Power and other’s possesions. Love for money and material things. Very possessive with thier children and love affairs.
  • Wants company and attention all the time.
  • Longing for lost things (compare : Honeysuckle) and unattainable things.
  • Aversion to soltitude. He Annoys others while he is ill.
  • Knows how to talk to people to get thier work done.

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • Able to Focus and Concentration better in the present moment.
  • They become more Joyful and spontaneous , yet calm , mature and wise .
  • Keenly Observe things. Observes himself and his mistakes
  • Breaking old patterns.
  • Quick to Learn from experience.
  • Growth in moral insights and strength of Character Speaks the truth and stand by it.

Physical Ailments Due to Negative Emotions

  • Start respecting other’s wishes and shows concern for others.
  • Selfless love , selfless service to fellow beings. …
  • Always willing to give without expecting anything in return.
  • Also start to Assist others to become self relient.
  • Respecting the freedom of others.

References and Further Readings

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Dr. Vohra Home study course on Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Krishnamoorthy Complete guide to Bach Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer

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