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Botanical name: Ulmus procera Salisb.
Family: Ulmaceae

  • Latin: Ulmus capestris Mill;
  • English: English elm, Common elm;
  • Spanish: Olmo de campo;
  • French: Orme rouge;
  • German: Rotulme.

Mind / Emotions

Tasks have become unsurmountable, one feels overwhelmed.  Despair and discouragement in face of tasks.  Failure to work through challenges, either of an occupational or personal kind; loss of sense of command; one feels overcome by the intensity of the problem.  Subdued, despondent, depressive, or emotionally overwrought to the expense of reason and clarity. Lack of tranquility and serenity. Aimless, scattered, or hurried approach to tasks, with loss of overview; failure to take one task at a time.  Wild, unfocused feeling in head.  Lack of ability to envision upcoming events in calm manner; dread and feelings of inadequacy.  Lack of incentive, willpower is necessary to go on with duties; tasks once enjoyed become burdensome chores.  Tasks once meaningful, which may have been engaged in for the good of mankind, now appear enormous, impractical, and void of inspiration.

  • MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence
  • MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence – failure, feels himself a
  • MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence – inadequacy; feeling of


Psychosomatic diseases from not being able to cope with newly confronting situations, from continued worry and dread in face of routine tasks, from upholding service despite feelings of exhaustion and disheartenment. Fatigue and listlessness in mind/emotions and body. Tension and cramping when “fortifying” the body in face of excessive duties.  Sleep disturbances from despair over unsurmountable tasks.  Lack of power to process and cope with challenges may cause stagnation also on physical levels, leading to constipation, irritable colon, and lack of normal breathing processes. [The close plant relative Ulmus fulva (or rubra), American Slippery Elm, provides a slippery bark that has been used in respiratory ailments and constipation; homeopathically, it has also been successfully applied in vascular deafness.]

  • Tension headaches, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar troubles, dysmenorrhea
  • Hyperkinetic heart syndrome
  • Acute attack of ulcer in normally emotionally healthy patients
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Constipation
  • Any physical illness based on conversion disorder (or hysterical neurosis, conversion type)
  • Susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Asthma with inspiratory difficulties – ‘singultus’
  • Nervous breathing syndrome – ‘respiratory corset’
  • Irritable colon
  • Insomnia – initial and intermittent (due to compulsive thought activity)


Larch: Upcoming tasks are envisioned with dread due to low self-confidence and lack of trust in one’s capacities.
Gentian: Easily disheartened and discouraged even in face of minor obstacles; lacks the power to persevere.
Scleranthus: Emotionally overwrought and overstimulated by impressions; lack of serenity, lack of overview; “wild” feeling in head.
Oak: Works on stoically despite hardship or exhaustion; does not want to be overcome by despair, yet feels burdened and heavy at heart.
Mimulus: Intimidation by tasks ahead that appear too challenging or beyond one’s scope; fear of failure.
Wild Oat: Tasks do not inspire or give incentive; a meaningful path has not yet been found; normal duties appear burdensome.

Homoeopathic Medicine  And Elm

Picricum acidum: Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted after prolonged mental strain and intensive study; lack of willpower, listlessness; anxiety and dread in face of exams; heavy and tired feeling; spasms; occipital headaches on attempting to study; diabetes; beginning degeneration of spinal cord.
Kali phosphoricum: Nervous dread and anxiety from overwork; feeling overwhelmed and worn out; great lassitude and depression; even minor labor seems a heavy task; occipital headaches; loss of perceptive power; diabetes; insomnia.
Uranium nitricum: Weariness and irritability; lack of motivation to continue one’s tasks, with desire to rest (Richardson-Boedler, 1994b); emaciation; diabetes; duodenal ulcers; (hunger pains with food craving,  particularly for ham).
Calcarea carbonica: Complaints from overwork, yet stoic continuence of fulfillment of duty; fear of going insane from the mental pressures; may also feel lethargic and intensely averse to exertion; some cases may develop ulcers or diabetes; hypertrophy of heart from overexertion (may be diagnosed medically as hyperkinetic heart syndrome); constipation; obesity.
Lilium tigrinum: Feels hurried and scattered on approaching tasks; wild feeling in head, with lack of overview; tries to accomplish several things at once and fails to make real progress; desires nice surroundings, yet can hardly fulfill the necessary demands; hysterical neurosis; nervous breathing syndrome; dysmenorrhea; (tendinitis).
Amyl nitrite: Anxious, overwhelmed mental state; least excitement causes fluttering of heart; need for fresh air; oppression of chest; (surges of heat and perspiration during menopause); hypertrophy of heart and increased cardiac output (may be diagnosed medically as hyperkinetic heart syndrome).
Digitalis purpurea: With progressive pathology, the usually industrious patient feels overwhelmed and anxious in regard to the future; hypertrophy of the heart; pulse weak, yet quickened by least movement; prostration from slight exertion.

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