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Botanical name: Gentianella amarella (L.) Borner.
Family: Genianaceae

  • Latin: Gentiana amarella L;
  • English: Felwort, Autumn gentian, Annual gentian;
  • Spanish: Gencianilla;
  • French: Gentiane amarelle;
  • German: Bitterenzian.

Mind / Emotions

Discouragement in face of obstacles; letting go of resolve and willpower. Lack of perseverance and stamina, lack of ability to motivate own self.  Self-undermining lack of trust in own capacity and power of performance; lack of self-assurance during periods of learning. Children readily discontinue their play due to minor obstacles or lack of positive reinforcement.  Faithlessness, almost perceiving obstacles and problems as “decreed” adverse circumstances that hinder progress and completion; pessimism. Lack of well-grounded creative power; hesitancy of expression.
Lack of clarity as to one’s goals and motivational interests; prone to doubts.  General lack of sense of security in life, lack of religious trust; on this basis may unfold more readily the obsessive-compulsive behavior and thinking that are subconsciously intended to give a sense of security.

  • MIND – CONFUSION of mind


Decreased forcefulness of expression in mind/emotions and body.  Hesitancy of movements.
Decreased physical stamina, lack of vigor  Doubt and discouragement in face of diseases that do not readily respond to treatment.  Reduced appetite. [In herbal use, the related species of Gentiana lutea, Gentiana cruciata (both gained from the root), and Gentiana      quinqueflora (prepared from the flowering plant) act as valuable tonics in cases of decreased appetite, dyspepsia, liver disturbance, and debility; used homeopathically, the curative action is enhanced.] May assist in widening breathing capacity, as abdomen and chest tend to tighten in feelings of discouragement, when there is lack of faith in the benevolence of circumstances. (Deep-breathing capacity in the lower abdomen is known to enhance feelings of faith and trust, while instilling relaxation throughout mind and organism.)

  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Skin diseases (atopic dermatitis – infantile eczema)
  • Cardiac neurosis
  • Nervous breathing syndrome – ‘respiratory corset’
  • Irritable colon
  • Insomnia – initial and intermittent (due to compulsive thought activity)


Mimulus: Fear of failure; tasks or other people intimidate; shyness; overly careful attention to tasks, as to avoid accidents or other mishaps.
Larch: Low self-confidence; lack of trust in one’s own capacities; dread of failure, of not measuring up to challenges.
Cerato: Indecisiveness and hesitancy during attention to tasks; lacks self-assurance; hesitant, curtailed creative power.
Hornbeam: Procrastination and fatigue in face of tasks; feels unable or unmotivated to  pursue normal endeavors, yet gains momentum as tasks are begun.
Wild Rose: Lack of joy and interest in tasks; works without complaining under unfavorable conditions; resignation.
Crab Apple: Low sense of self-worth; feels ashamed of own failures and inadequacies; feels unclean.

Homoeopathic Medicine  And Gentian

Petroleum: Discouraged and despairing; feels that death is approaching and that affairs have to be settled; timidity and feelings of helplessness; weeping at trifles, vulnerable and easily vexed; wearisome and unobserving; skin eruptions; sleep disturbances.
Stannum metallicum: Debilitated and discouraged; may attend to business with good intentions, yet is unable to see projects through; can hardly speak from sense of weakness in chest; chronic respiratory infections; weak or difficult respiration, worse on exertion of any kind.
Carbo vegetabilis: Depressed and discouraged; tendency to apathy, yet may also be critical and pessimistic; begins work and interrupts due to shortness of breath, faintness, or debility; sleep disturbances.
Natrum sulphuricum: Greatly discouraged, gloomy; lack of faith, suicidal disposition; dullness and confusion, loss of memory may cause discouragement during work, especially during intellectual work; mental symptoms may come on after a fall or blow to the head; separation from loved ones deepens discouragement; fastidious; irritable or diseased colon  (cancer, polyps).
Rhus toxicodendron: Tends to jest, yet is also shy and self-conscious; lack of faith in regard to the safety of loved ones; may develop obsessive-compulsive measures and superstitions; anxiously oppressed chest; cardiac neurosis; (musculoskeletal disorders).
Ambra grisea: Dread of people, shy and discouraged; does not like to be observed, has difficulty accomplishing or working in front of others; nervously overstimulated and loquacious once challenged to overcome shyness; after overstimulation, restlessness in mind and body, sleep disturbances; (nervous cough); cardiac neurosis.
Baryta carbonica: Easily discouraged when not accepted by peers or when not certain in one’s work; interested in making a good impression, careful grooming; lack of incentive, failing assurance and perseverance during tasks, play, or learning; cardiac neurosis; sexual disturbance; eczema, also infantile eczema.
Veratrum album: Feels indifferent, discouraged, expects misfortune, yet has inner urge to express own self and be regarded by others; depression and disheartenment on having to stifle inner opinions; this dynamic may precipitate circulatory collapse, cold sweat, vomiting and diarrhea,  dysmenorrhea, and anxious heart palpitations.

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