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Botanical name: Carpinus betulus Linn.
Family: Betulaceae

  • English: European hornbeam;
  • Spanish: Carpino comun;
  • French: Charme, Charme d’Europe;
  • German: Birkenhainbuche, Gemeine Hainbuche.


Wearisome mind, not sharpened or invigorated to attend to duties with ease. Lack of power of concentration.  Lack of incentive; duties, as well as recreational activities, do not arouse interest.
Procrastination and avoidance of assuming responsibility.  Mild depression, boredom, indolence, tendency to irritability, and lack of enthusiasm to do others a favor; trifles seem a hindrance.
Feels better, once tasks have been started and as day advances; however, usual power of perseverance may be curtailed. Mental weakness, lack of reasoning and learning ability, lack of mental clarity, lack of capacity for memory; of aid in the treatment of developmental disorders, learning disabilities, and mental retardation. Mental weakness and listlessness from prolonged overexertion.  Mentally unsteady and erratic due to mental weakness.  Failure in estimation such as in regard to time or space. Emotions center around the fatigue, and one copes with listlessness, frustration, temporary feelings of being overwhelmed, lack of interest, boredom, mild depression, and occasional resentment and unkindness. One is more prone to be irritable and may be less inclined to be of assistance or do extra work for others, mostly because one needs the extra strength for oneself.

  • MIND – MENTAL POWER – loss of


Lethargy and fatigue; lack of tonicity in mind and body; lack of healthy muscle tone; lack of elasticity of tendons; lack of intestinal peristalsis (constipation). Difficulty being fully awake and alert after sleep.  Lack of interest in learning and applying the mind intellectually may lead to a disinterest in regard to a healthy life style, with diseases resulting therefrom . Complaints from head injuries, with lack of power of concentration and mental fatigue.  Sensory impairment, lack of brightness and acuity. Raises power of consciousness within the physical limitations in organic mental syndromes and disorders.  (In gemmotherapy, a form of medicine utilizing young shoots and buds, the young buds of Carpinus betulus have been used in the treatment of bronchitis, trachitis (inflammation of trachea), and spasmodic cough, showing an affinity for mucosal surfaces and spasmodic contraction in the rhinopharynx and trachea.)

  • Dizziness and faintness.
  • Obesity
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Non-insulin-dependent diabetes


Elm: Feels overwhelmed by tasks; subdued.
Olive: Deep-seated exhaustion in mind and body; tasks are begun and have to be put down because of weakness.
Gentian: Lack of perseverance; quickly discouraged from arising obstacles.
Mimulus: Procrastination and avoidance of work due to intimidation and fears of failure.
Larch: Loss of self-confidence in regard to one’s work performance.
Cerato: Indecisiveness and lack of self-assurance; hesitancy; errors of estimation.
Cherry Plum: Impulsive, tense mind from mental overstrain, with irrational thought content from subconscious motivation; impulsive thinking from mental weakness, with expression of irrational or subconscious urges or instincts.
Chestnut Bud: Inattentiveness; failure to learn and retain factual and moral content due to immaturity of the mind/emotions.
Clematis: Sensory impairment; dizziness and faintness.

Homoeopathic Medicine and Hornbeam

Baryta carbonica: Mental weakness, loss of memory, learning disabilities, mental retardation; lack of self-assurance and discouragement; indecision; constipation; obesity, lack of tonicity; lack of a sure step.
Ammonium carbonicum: Weary and forgetful; prostration from trifles; ill-humored; gloomy, especially during stormy weather; all-pervading feeling of heaviness and lethargy; (weak heart, wheezing); constipation; obesity.
Argentum nitricum: Erratic, impulsive, hurried thinking; weakened, confused mind, especially in morning hours after getting up; failing memory and errors of perception; discouragement and depression; chronic fatigue syndrome; unsteady gait.
Alumina: Low processing power in mind and body, as if harnessed or stagnant, yet quick mental impulses and urge to hurry; absent-mindedness, lack of memory; slowness in answering questions; failure in estimation of time sense, time passes too slowly; limbs feel heavy and paralyzed; debility; lack of vital heat; diminished sensibility of skin; severe constipation; unsteady gait; generally better as the day advances.
Carboneum sulphuratum: Sluggishness of mind, confusion; sensory impairment, dizziness; head feels tight as if from tight cap; diminished sensibility of arms, hands, and feet; deep, heavy sleep in morning with anxious and vexatious dreams; unsteady gait; (lack of vital heat).
Lachesis muta: Disinclination and procrastination in face of tasks; avoidance of mundane work; seeking of stimulation; sad and listless in morning, works better at night, wide-awake at bedtime; errors of estimation in regard to time, thinks it is afternoon during morning hours; sleeps into aggravation to repeat cycle; peptic ulcer; constipation.
Natrum carbonicum: Difficulty in processing incoming information, exhaustion from mental occupation such as reading; lack of power of concentration; mental dullness and depression; (gentle and selfless, yet develops hidden aversion to certain people); peptic ulcers and dyspepsia that are worse from dietary indiscretion.

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