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“Impatiens Glandulifera ….

A fleshy annual , up to 180cm in height , growing on river and canal banks and in damp, low ground .Flowers are crimson to reddish mauve and appear between July and September”

Emotional Group: Lonliness

“In the Negative impatiens state , we are impatient , inner tension tending to make us irritable towards others”

Impatiens Keynote Symptoms …




Extreme Mental Exersion

Hurriedness in thoughts and actions.

  • Impatient , irritable , excessive reactions
  • Tense due to rapid mental activity
  • Expects everything to go quickly and smoothly
  • Finds it hard to wait for things to take their course
  • Frustrated with people who work more slowly
  • Spontaneous , active , energetic
  • Takes the words out of the mouth of others , from impatience
  • Impatiently takes things into his own hands .
  • Impatience leads to precipitate decisions
  • Tells other to hurry up
  • Prefers to work alone , at own pace
  • Cannot ‘stand fools gladly’
  • Great desire for independence
  • Easily flares up and is curt and brusque , though anger passes just as quickly
  • Extreme inner tension makes accident prone , though able to react quickly
  • Short term exhaustion , sudden hunger because energy resources depleted by fast pace
  • possible physical reactions such as sudden pain due to nervous tension
  • nervous indigestion
  • Hot flashes

Impatiens — inner tension due to nervous frustration , because things dont move fast enough . Doesnot impose this on others if left to workundisturbed

Vervain — Inner tension due to excessive will power . Always inclined to inspire pthers.”

{Above Text taken from book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}”

Detailed Explanation of Negative Mind Set

  • Loneliness is the main crust ..
  • They love to work alone on thier own
  • They like only thier way of working . Slow working of others in intolerable to them because of which they take away work from others hands and preffer to do themselves.
  • Even while talking they take over the conversation and complete the sentences of others..
  • They are very fast workers , fast thinkers , Hurriedness is visible in thier tasks.
  • The patient is impatient , can not sit idle , desires to work all the time.
  • He is a hard master.Expects from everybody to work with the same speed as fast as he does and with same perfection.
  • He doesnt like to be disturbed to talked while working as he is very fast and wants to finish off things very fast.
  • Easily feels offended , can not tolerate any remarks against him.
  • Hurriedness is there in all the actions like speaking, talking ,working, walking etc.

Expected Positive Outcomes

    • They have more patience
    • They become gentle to  others , towards thier slow working
    • They sart accepting the others way of working
    • Become calm and visible hurriedness reduces in thier work
    • Gentle and kind with others who are slow in their reaction

Physical Ailments Due to Negative Emotions

  • Hypertension ,Hyperthyroidism
  • Sudden hunger cos of fast metabolism and fast consumption of energy
  • Insomnia , muscular tension
  • Hot flushes , tension headaches
  • Nervous breakdown , tired , stinging pains , heart problems
References and Further Readings

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Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer

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