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“Sinapis Avensis….

An Annual 1-3 ft(30-60 cm) in height growing in fields and by the way side. The brilliant yellow flowers first form the short spikes which soon develop into long , beeded pods. Flowers form MAy to July.

Emotional Group :- Insufficient interest in present circumstances

“Mustard relates to the soul qualities of cherfulness ans serenity . In negative Mustard state , black depression descends like a could.

Mustard Keynote Symptoms …

Black Depression of unknown cause

  • Periods of deep gloom and melancholiasuddenly appear and disappear, for no apperent reason.
  • Something heavy , black , unknown descends , the soul is in mourning.
  • Gloomy depressive feelings come out of a blue sky, enveloping the personality like a black cloud.
  • Feels excluded from normal life.
  • Can see no logical connection between this condition and the rest of life.
  • Complete introverted, caught up in gloom , all energies in-turned.
  • Unable to cover up this mood before others .
  • Unable to overcome the mood with commonsense arguments.
  • At the mercy of this feeling untill it goes off its own accord,then feels as though set free from prison.
  • Afraid of these attacks because unable to do anything about them .
  • Unrecognized anger ,  at a situation or another person ,may be a contributory factor.

Mustard — Gloom that comes and goeas for no apperent reason

Gentian — The reason for the depressive feeling is known eg menopause , midlife crisis ,loss of ajob etc.

Mustard — More passive , more emotional, does not know what is happening , for there are no obvious connections with the rest of life.

Sweet Chestnut — More , able to express on’es deep despair in words.”

{Above Text taken from book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}”

Detailed Explanation of Negative Mind Set

  • Gloomy cloud covers suddenly without any reason and till the time it is there , there’s no joy in life.
  • Without any valid reason or any triggering factor gets Depression attacks. …
  • The pt is afraid of such dressive moods because then he”ll start avoiding improtant tasks like imp meetings , social gatherings with may lead to misunderstandings.
  • Gloomy depressive states , joyless introversion , unmotivated to engage in interaction with others. Brooding , joy of accomplishness is not awakened fully.
  • He becomes so gloomy as he has lost all his treasure , his whole ship has sunk. Too much regection and resignation , feelings of meaningless , boredome and self pitty Mental dullness and unresponsiveness.
  • This state of Mustard is opposite Agrimony Negative State , he is unable to conceal his gloomy sad mood from others and cannot overcome his mood by sensible arguments..

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • Remains unshattered by any unexpected mood attacks from any adverse conditions.
  • He is able to dispell his gloom and depression and brings joy in life.
  • Able toengage in creative pursuits.
  • Person enjoys inner peace and serenity

Physical Ailments Due to Negative Emotions

  • Injuries of head that involve nerve damage may leading to depression.
  • Appetite disturbances
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Chronic Fatigue
References and Further Readings

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