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Botanical name: Quercus robur Linn.
Family: Fagaceae

Synonyms: Quercus pedunculata Ehrh.; Q. femina Mill.

English: English oak.

German: Eiche


Loyalty in one’s commitments; seriousness of intention; shoulders responsibilities. Perseverance; strong resolve to continue to uphold work and duty, even in face of personal hardship. Stoic,    work-oriented attitude; does not complain or criticize unreasonably.  Ignores personal needs, neglects the rejuvenating power of recreation in favor of continued work accomplishment. Does not allow for emotions of self-pity, selfishness, or discouragement to surface.  Single-minded in purpose, can develop one-sided view or a closed mentality. Overly conforming and adhering to rules and regulations; compulsiveness, dogmatism.  Excessive use of willpower may stifle inner creativity, fluidity of expression, and playfulness. Mental fatigue and strain from the continued effort; general weariness and lack of joyful motivation.  Despondency and despair develop as rewards are not forthcoming, as the results of work are being thwarted, or as the pressures become too great and duties cannot be fulfilled further due to mounting exhaustion. Urge to be independent of the help of others, does not want to become a burden; self-reliant.  May appear introverted and morose.

  • MIND – COMPANY – desire for
  • MIND – COMPLAINING – never
  • MIND – CONFUSION of mind
  • MIND – DESIRES – full of desires
  • MIND – EXERTION – physical – amel.
  • MIND – FEAR – dark; of
  • MIND – IDEAS – abundant
  • MIND – MENTAL EXERTION – desire for
  • MIND – PROSTRATION of mind


Weariness, physical strain, rigid posture. Rheumatic complaints and connective tissue diseases from upholding and tightening one’s body in the daily struggle. Does not want to give in to invalidity; struggles on with much determination. Development of psychosomatic illness from the continued work-oriented strain at the expense of playfulness, diversion, and healthful recreation (for example, heart disease, gastric ulcer, chronic tension). Depletion of vital reserves; sleep disturbances. May resort to alcoholism to counteract work-related strain and weariness.
(Homeopathically prepared from the acorn, Quercus robur is indicated in alcoholism; it eliminates the excessive craving for alcohol.* In gemmotherapy, by use of the buds, rootlets, or acorns, Quercus robur works as a general tonic to overcome mental and physical debility. Quercus pedunculata is another name given to this oak tree.)

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – overambitious patients
  • Psychosomatic diseases in overly intellectualized patients
  • Tension headaches, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar troubles, dysmenorrhea
  • Hypertension
  • Deep-sighing respiration
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Soft tissue rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Nervous breathing syndrome – ‘respiratory corset’
  • Insomnia – initial and intermittent (due to compulsive thought activity)


Vervain: Willpower, strict adherence to principles, exaggerated elan and enthusiasm.
Olive: Deep-seated exhaustion in spirit, mind/emotions, and body; can hardly go on working.
Centaury: Inner depletion and low stamina from continued serving and from overly devoting to others.
Rock Water: Adherence to strict rules and self-discipline in one’s personal advancement to the detriment of recreational playfulness; motivates others to follow same path; may have lack of inner joy, but sense of accomplishment.
Elm: Feels overwhelmed and overburdened by one’s work; struggles on from sense of duty.
Pine: Loyalty and power of commitment, even assuming the burdens of others; readily blames own self for failures.
Mustard: Joyless introversion, moroseness; depressive, burdened mood.

Homoeopathic Medicine and Oak

Kali carbonicum: Works hard, conforms to rules, negates own emotions, shows loyalty; breathing disturbances, asthma and edema of lungs;  congestive heart failure; hypertension; gastric ulcer, (fear felt in stomach); arthritis, connective tissue disease; weariness and lack of vitality.
Kali bichromicum: Has strict routines of work, does not like to be interrupted; rigid and conforming; irritable and morose; gastric ulcer;  breathing disturbances (catarrhal conditions and asthma); rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatic complaints alternate with asthma and gastric complaints).
Chelidonium majus: Pragmatic, work-oriented, does not like to heed emotional needs; struggles on with much willpower in face of hardship; breathing disturbances, quickened inspiration and constricted chest; rheumatic complaints; (liver and gallbladder complaints).
Calcarea carbonica: Work-oriented, responsible, ameliorated by occupation; yet, may become exhausted and overly strained, with fear of a mental breakdown; hypertension; breathing disturbances, asthma and shortness of breath; gastric ulcer; (fear felt in epigastrium); rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disease.
Digitalis purpurea: Likes to engage in work, conscientious about trifles; despondency, with worry about the future; moroseness; (congestive heart failure, rheumatic heart disease, arrhythmia); breathing disturbances, especially constricted respiration when sitting bent (deep-sighing respiration); sudden prostration of strength.
Aurum metallicum: Serious, responsible worker; melancholy and depression, feels compressed physically; despondent and suicidal; alcoholism; affections of the heart (endocarditis, angina, valvular heart disease); hypertension; constricted feeling in chest; arthritis and connective tissue disease; chronic fatigue syndrome.
Uranium nitricum: Wearisome from continued duty; struggles on despite desire for rest, relies on willpower, lacks motivational incentive  ill-tempered, morose, despondent; hypertension; gastric ulcer; insulin-dependent diabetes; (nephritis, degeneration of liver); emaciation and nervous depletion.

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