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”Olea Europoea ….The olive tree , an evergreen native to the Mediterranean, flowers in different spring months according tot he climate of the country where the tree grows. The inflorescence consists of 20 or 30 inconspicuous white flowers.”

Emotional Group: Insufficient interest in present cirfumstances

“Olive relates tothe principle of regeneration , peace and restored balance.”

Olive Keynote Symptoms …

Extream , Total Exhaustion

  • Completely exhausted , extream physical and mental fatigue
  • Exhaustion following long period of strain or physical illness.
  • Feels completely washed out or finished
  • No reserves left
  • Deep iiner tiredness after great inner struggle and transformation that used up many psychic energies
  • Exhaustion after long periods of devoted nursing care
  • Needs much sleep

Olive — For total exhaustion of body ,mind and spirit

Hornbeam — Tiredness is more in mind .”

{Above Text taken from book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}”

Detailed Explanation of Negative Mind Set

  • The patient is in a deep exhaustion state .He is so much tired and exhausted that every small work becomes a hard work for them .
  • The tasks which they used to relish are of no interest to …them any longer because of extream tiredness.
  • They feel bored of a perticular work very easily .Mind gets tired of monotonous work .
  • Their concentration power is too less and have less mental clarity.
  • There’s lack of stamina at physical and mental level
  • Absent minded , loss of memory , nervous weakness
  • Unable to finish the task undertaken due to exhaustion , frequently need to rest.

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • Is  able to restore balance and peace
  • Is able to recoup and rejuvenate himself.
  • Taking Olive before a stressfull strainous work helps in reducing exhaustion

Physical Ailments Due to Negative Emotions

  • Hypertension , arteriosclerosis.
  • Hoarsness of voice due to overuse
  • Reducing vitality
  • Exhaustion and Depletion after prolonged illness
References and Further Readings

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Dr. Krishnamoorthy Complete guide to Bach Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer

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