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Botanical Name: Aqua petra


English: Rock water

German: Quellwasser


High aspirations toward spiritual advancement by means of self-mastery and by following a path of disciplined application of principles and routines. Belief that this strict path of willpower, with negation of vital, emotional, or instinctual needs and desires, is the best way of advancement; too self-absorbed. Personal pride and a sense of accomplishment from the reinforced routine and the success at self-mastery. Motivated to inspire others to the same path, to the same degree of self-martyrdom. Failure to see that each individual has a personal way of unfolding and advancing.
A beginning Rock Water state may come on unwillingly, as death of a spouse or other calamity impose restriction of vital needs; the typical Rock Water state, however, arises as one believes to have overcome dependency on such needs and attempts to inspire others to the same perception.
Deep-seated depression, joylessness, or anger that may not be apparent but stifle soul joy in its very roots; lack of emotional fluidity. Preoccupation with and intensified focus on denial of vital needs, overemphasis on disciplined measures; lack of seeing new opportunities for growth and joy.
Compulsive, obsessive, perfection-oriented, ritualistic, self-punitive measures. Idealization of the concept of purity; purity of spirit, mind, and body is desired; fear of contamination, can hardly be carefree or playful. Temporary Rock Water state during drug rehabilitation, as former habits and desires are being mastered.

  • MIND – CENSORIOUS – oneself; of
  • MIND – GESTURES, makes
  • MIND – GESTURES, makes – enthusiastic
  • MIND – SPEECH – enthusiastic
  • MIND – WILL – strong will power


Self-mastery leads to rigidity and hardening of the physical structures; indurated glands; muscles may cramp more readily; musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders. Inner tension and strain from feats of willpower. Set jaw, gnashing of teeth; temporomandibular joint dysfunction.
Strict adherence to imposed discipline during drug rehabilitation; adverse effects on mind and body from the regiment. Detrimental effects from suppression of sexuality.

  • Tension headaches, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar troubles, dysmenorrhea
  • Psychosomatic diseases in overly intellectualized patients
  • Soft tissue rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Skin disease (pruritus)
  • Eating disorder (anorexia nervosa)
  • Nervous breathing syndrome – ‘respiratory corset’
  • Irritable colon
  • Insomnia – initial and intermittent (due to compulsive thought activity)


Oak: Stoic adherence to duty, loyalty despite personal hardship; feats of willpower and self-mastery.

Vervain: Excessive drive and willpower, is guided by principles, fervency of expression; wants to convert others to own cause, usually morally broad or political cause; cause is not necessarily linked with suppression of personal needs.

Pine: Denial of vital needs, with high self-blame for failure; self-punitive, ritualistic, compulsive-obsessive measures.

Crab Apple: Shame and despair over personal uncleanness; wish to be purified from unwholesome urges; fear of contamination.

Centaury: Negation of personal needs from inclination to serve others; failure to fulfill one’s potentials.

Water Violet: Belief that one’s spiritual growth is advancing and that others are less perceptive and refined; feelings of superiority.

Wild Rose: Resignation in face of loss of gratification instead of mastering the dependence on gratifying experiences.

Homoeopathic Medicine and Rock Water

Conium maculatum: Bad effects from suppression of sexual desires, often after death of spouse (sexual dysfunction); deep-seated depression; hardening and numbing in mind/emotions and on the physical plane; indurated glands and advancing weakness and paralysis from below upward.
Apis mellifica: Aggravation from suppression of sexuality, from grief; cross, busy, vital, controlling others; burning and stinging pain in chest, shortness of breath when ascending; hardened, swollen glands; ovarian cysts; dysmenorrhea; arthritis, connective tissue disease; skin manifestations, urticaria.
Kali carbonicum: Works hard, negates own emotions and vital needs; adheres to strict routine; swelling and induration of glands after contusion; breathing disturbances (asthma and edema of lungs); arthritis, connective tissue disease; burning, dry, itching skin; gnashing of teeth during sleep.
Kali bichromicum: Has strict routines of work, does not like to be interrupted; rigid and conforming at expense of diversion and enjoyment of people; irritable and morose; rheumatoid arthritis; breathing disturbances, (catarrhal conditions and asthma); (rheumatic complaints alternate with asthma and gastric complaints).
Arsenicum album: Seeks purity and perfection; feels threatened by lack of security, by disorder and confusion; adheres to strict routines and principles; attempts to control others and expects same perfectionism of performance; compulsive and ritualistic; breathing disturbances (‘respiratory corset,’ asthma); anorexia nervosa; inflammatory bowel disease; skin conditions (psoriasis); insomnia.
Causticum: Enthusiasm in regard to spiritual or social principles, tries to inspire others; idealistic, sympathetic; can become overly fanatic or rebellious; hurriedness and compulsive checking during task completion; temporomandibular joint dysfunction; harsh, “rock-like” feeling in chest (asthma from suppressed emotions); sexual dysfunction, aversion to coition; cervical tension; hardening of tendons, contractures of muscles and tendons; rheumatic complaints, arthritis, slowly progressing paralysis; eczema.
Ignatia amara: May become internally hardened and prone to negation of needs after disappointments and grief; constricted breathing, sighing; rectal spasms (irritable colon); arthritis, musculoskeletal tension.
Rhus toxicodendron: Overexerts and works on despite high demands; lack of emotional fluidity, diminishing affectionate responses, decline in playfulness; superstitious, compulsive, ritualistic; temporomandibular joint dysfunction; (asthma); rheumatism and arthritis, stiffness and pain in the muscles (worse cold and wet); itching skin eruptions (urticaria, herpes).; restless sleep and dreams of exertion.

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