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Botanical name: Castanea sativa Miller.
Family: Fagaceae

  • Latin: Castanea vesca Gaertn., C. vulgaris Lam.;
  • English: Sweet chestnut, European chestnut, Spanish chestnut.;
  • Spanish: Castano;
  • French: Chataignier;
  • German: Edelkastanie, Esskastanie, Maronenbaum.


Unbearable suffering, one believes that the utmost limit of endurance has been reached.  Failure to see any meaning or purpose in one’s own suffering or that of others; failure to see the “hand of God” despite the adverse circumstances.  Deep-seated faithlessness and lack of hope; “dark night of the soul.”  A general sense of the meaninglessness and futility of life.   Lack of inspiration, incentive, and soul-joy; negation of values. Nihilism; prolonged or repeated preoccupation with morbid content such as in regard to death and decay; may become prone to superstitions, foreboding, or compulsive ritualism. Failure to raise consciousness to a vision that extends beyond the earthly existence to a winged path of spiritual unfolding.  Severe pains or agony of death that threaten to break the mind, even calling for release by suicide.  Severe depression and existential despair with suicidal ideation (depressive disorders). Withdrawal from others, introversion, absorption with one’s inner soul struggle. Religious despair of salvation; self-depreciation; disgust of life.
Destructiveness that arises from a sense of futility and disrespect for life and creation, with underlying loss of all aspiration and creative joy.



Vitality and the power of rejuvenation and recuperation are threatened to the very core. Pains that are unbearable and deeply torturing, with inclination to suicide. Symptoms resembling those accompanying a deep depression, such as lowered vitality, chronic fatigue, appetite and digestive disturbances, sleeping disturbances, lack of interest in healthful habits.  A sense of being compressed and staunched throughout the organism. Darkness of the mind, as if there is a shadow over one’s cognitive perception; depletion of mental or intellectual power. Diseases may reflect the self-destructive severity of the psychological state and present with deep-reaching and intrusively torturing symptoms that gnaw at the very root and structure of existence. A tendency to nightly aggravation of symptoms on all levels of the human being. A tendency to drug use, to fatalistic endeavors in general, with self-destructive features. History of syphilis or gonorrhea in the patient or the family. May come on from sexual excess, sexual disease, and sexual depletion, or from suppression of sexuality; a breakdown in the area of sexuality tends to precipitate mental/emotional states of meaninglessness, despair, and disgust of life. This medicine is indicated in any type of psychosomatic illness that is marked by deep existential despair.


Pine: Despair of salvation; self-depreciation, remorse, and loss of spiritual joy; superstitions, compulsive ritualism.
Cherry Plum: Despair from the pains, fear that the mind will break, suicidal ideation; extreme sense of tension and inner struggle; compulsive ritualism.
Rock Water: Loss of creativity, joy, and playfulness, due to staunching one’s capacity for pleasure in self-mastery; compulsive ritualism.
Agrimony: Internal torture and disharmony that are concealed behind a    mask of cheerfulness.
Mustard: Gloomy introversion, depression, lack of inspiration.
White Chestnut: Repeated preoccupation with unwholesome thought content that evades solution.
Gorse: Deep-seated hopelessness and lack of incentive to live.
Gentian: Faithlessness that is anchored in a lack of personal certainty.
Aspen: Morbid preoccupation with sinister content, anxious foreboding and superstitions.

Homoeopathic Medicine  and  Sweet chestnut

Natrum sulphuricum: Severe depression and inclination to suicide by shooting or hanging; gloomy consciousness, intensified depression during cloudy and dark skies (may come on from head injury); sadness from lively and happy music; gastric ulcer; ulcerative colitis; rectal cancer; (diabetes, leukemia); arthritis, connective tissue disease; malignancy; gonorrhea.
Plumbum metallicum: Weary of life, gloomy and guilty conscience; fear of being assassinated; resignation, yet also destructiveness; psyche and body contract inward, self-protective withdrawal; compulsion to view own image in the mirror; muscles constrict toward the body; sunken abdomen, region around navel feels as if pulled toward spine, causing feelings of dread and despair; (diabetes); muscular atrophy, paralysis, general nerve degeneration; nightly aggravation; may come on after sexual excess.
Sulphur: Excessive theorizing and dwelling on soul’s salvation, disgust with life; morbid ideas preoccupy; destructive and egoistic; suppressed vitality in spirit, mind/emotions, and body; outlets are sought in sudden temper outbursts and physical discharges; alcoholism; gastric ulcer; inflammatory bowel disease; arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disease; general tendency to purulent infection; malignancy; chronic fatigue and lack of physical stamina, especially in regard to posture.
Arsenicum album: Feels threatened and insecure on deep existential level; despair of salvation, despair of recovery; severe anguish during death struggles; depression to the point of suicide; destructive impulses to kill; perfection-oriented, compulsive, ritualistic; anorexia nervosa; gastric ulcer; inflammatory bowel disease; acrid and excoriating discharges; malignant ulceration; (leukemia); great, anguished restlessness; nightly aggravation; syphilis in history of patient or previous generations.
Conium maculatum: Depression, anguish, and emotional withdrawal; destructiveness; aversion to people, yet disinclination to be alone; mental depletion and lack of incentive; superstitions and anxieties; state may be precipitated by sexual exhaustion and depletion or come on from suppressed sexuality, for example after death of spouse; impotence; tumors and induration of glands, cancerous malignancies; progressive paralysis (nerve degeneration).
Agaricus muscarius: Depression; preoccupation with morbid thought content such as in regard to life, sickness, death and decay; despairing fear of disease, especially of cancer; alternating mental and physical symptoms, vacillation between fears and ecstasy; neurological and degenerative symptoms, twitches and spasms; may come on after sexual excess.
Selenium: Deepest despair, abject melancholy and sadness; theorizing; preoccupying with and doubtful of soul’s welfare; suspicious and fanatic; mental exertion aggravates; symptoms from sexual excess and depletion; (chronic liver affections); (selenium provides an important constituent of bones and teeth); effects of genitourinary organs; chronic fatigue and debility; nightly aggravation.

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