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Botanical name: Vitis vinifera Linn.
Family: Vitaceae

  • English: Vine, Wine Grape, European Grape;
  • Spanish: Vid;
  • French: Vigne;
  • German: Weinrebe, Echte Weintraube.


Feels empowered and strong as a person; “born leader” types. Overambitious, oriented toward achievement and power.  High expectations toward own self and toward others; demanding and exacting.  Able to develop strong willpower and personal resolve; high self-discipline in regard to goals and accomplishments.  Self-righteous and self-serving, believes to be entitled to be in charge of others.  May resort to violence, threats, overt or covert manipulations to realize own goals.
Insensitivity or cruelty of heart; lack of empathy.  Haughtiness and arrogance; egotism; lack of humble and service-oriented attitude; (delusions of grandeur in mental illness).  Incensed at being humiliated or disrespected. May appear emotionally closed and stubborn; unyielding, brazen-faced. Persisted-in refusal to cooperate, to acquire a socially sound and respectfull attitude. Rebelliousness or passive-aggressive manipulations if suppressed in the personal right for self-expression and self-determination; [disruptive behavior disorder (especially conduct disorder), problems with impulse control, passive-aggressive personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder; factitious disorder and malingering, these disorders denoting feigning of illness and procrastination for personal gain].

  • MIND – WILL – strong will power


Intimidating posture, overbearing demeanor, gestures of dominance. Vigorous, often healthful appearance; exuding strength; may have paucity of physical symptoms due to exercising the right of self-determination and due to self-indulgence. Muscular tension. Pushes own self and that of others to limits of endurance; may become exhausted and burnt-out.  Forcefulness of will and overambitiousness create overexertion of the organism, especially of the heart muscle (coronary heart disease); Hypertension from enhanced self-control and suppression of enmity, though driven by a need to assert.  Migraine headaches and other complaints from being undermined; may manipulate others with illness. Thwarted ambition to achieve manifests in gastric ulcer formation.
Physical complaints tend to manifest primarily as the urge to dominate is suppressed by inevitable circumstance; internal rebelliousness and/or feelings of being thwarted create disturbance in the organism; the main indications on the mental/emotional plane, those determining the choice of Bach remedy, may move into other remedy selections as the Vine tendency abates.
May have high sex drive. (In gemmotherapy, based on the medicinal use of young shoots and buds, Vitis vinifera has been found to have an affinity with white blood cell   regulation and bone metabolism, while addressing bone deformities.)

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – overambitious patients
  • Hyperthyroidism  Hypertension  Migraines
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – tyrannical patients


Vervain: Excessive willpower and overambitious drive; attempts to convert others to own opinion; impulsive urges.
Chicory: Overly interested in controlling or manipulating others; the goal is to stimulate their devotion and gratitude; feigning of illness to gain attention (also Heather).
Beech: Controls others by critical and fault-finding attitude.
Impatiens: Works and achieves at efficient and fast pace; impatient and demanding with those slower and less efficient; problems with impulse control (also Cherry Plum).
Water Violet: Feels superior and believes own self to be more capable than others.
Holly: Abusiveness and outbursts of temper from feeling threatened or undermined; irritated by sensory impressions; problems with impulse control.
Chestnut Bud: Failure to learn from mistakes; moral immaturity; persists in wrong-doing, may be careless with others; malingering.
Willow: Resenting others, blaming others, with efforts to manipulate and retaliate; aggressive, passive-aggressive, disruptive behavior; feigning of sickness and malingering.

Homoeopathic Medicine  and  Vine

Lycopodium clavatum: Overambitious, craves power and recognition; dictatorial and tyrannical with subordinates and family, while subservient to authority; egotism; migraines; hypertension; gastric ulcers develop when thwarted or humiliated; high sex drive.
Nitricum acidum: Dictatorial, critical, and dissatisfied; gastric ulcer; (ulceration with splinter-like pains in places where mucous membranes meet the skin).
Chelidonium majus: Very forceful personality, wants to control others; self-control is high, overambitious and exacting; controls own self in regard to emotions that are not indulged in, does not allow for temper outbursts, controls others with subtle tyranny; migraines; muscular tension.
Nux vomica: Ambitious and overly driven; demanding and exacting with others, assumes role of executive; does not like to be challenged or contradicted; egotism; migraines; heart complaints; hypertension; gastric ulcers from being thwarted and from excessive demands; general muscular tension and rigidity; high sex drive.
Platinum: Dictatorial and haughty; self-absorbed and self-admiring, egotism; ruthless; constrictive headaches and migraines; muscular contractions and muscular tension, constricting feeling; high sex drive.
Apis mellifica: Busy, active, vital, and controlling; does not tolerate to be thwarted, reacts with rage; tired and bruised feeling in extremities; (connective tissue disease); high sex drive.
Aurum metallicum: Ambitious and seriously given to tasks; may appear ominous or intimidating; egotism; does not tolerate humiliation or failure, easily offended; outbursts of anger; affections of the heart; hypertension; (connective tissue disease).
Medorrhinum: Interested in fulfillment of needs and passions; can be cruel and demanding; migraines; hypertension; gastric ulcers from being thwarted; high sex drive.
Palladium: Wants to control social situation by pleasing and manipulating others; egotism; easily offended, easily feels left out.
Lilium tigrinum: Tyrannical and demanding attitude; expects to be served and cherished, longs for noble and fine things; extremely irritable on being thwarted; affections of the heart; high sex drive.

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