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Botanical name : Verbena officinalis Linn.
Family : Verbenaceae


  • English: Common vervain, Holy herb;
  • Spanish: Verbena;
  • French: Verveine officinale;
  • German: Eisenhart, Eisenkraut.


Awareness, knowledge of, and identification with values and principles. Enthusiasm and elan in one’s efforts to implement one’s chosen goals and principles. Fervency and exuberance of expression; strength of personal presentation.  Uses willpower and resolve to master challenges and work for progress.  Conscientiousness in one’s efforts.  The goals of achievement, advancement, quality, progress and results are important motivational incentives.  Attempt to inspire others to join in the effort, attempt to convert them to one’s own viewpoint and highly valued principles.
Self-righteous certainty and self-justification in regard to the correctness of one’s opinions; feels self-righteously empowered to influence others.  Becomes overwrought from continued effort and need to uphold goals, principles, and one’s work performance; escalating nervous tension and strain, heightened nervous sensitivity (nervous breakdown).  May precipitate mentally and attempt to achieve high goals prematurely rather than taking one step at a time. During repose or rest, the mind grips ideas in regard to projects, with restless urge to put thoughts into action (insomnia).
Fanatic, rebellious, driven in pursuance of goals and ideals; religious fanaticism; urge for outward, expressive show.  Excitement of the mind; ecstasy; racing mind. The Vervain state constitutes the underlying, propelling dynamic in psychological disturbances and mental illness when there is forcefulness of personality and self-expression or manic or ecstatic states; (bipolar disorder, mania, problems with impulse control, delusions and psychoses with excessive fervency or ecstasy, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and hysterical neurosis with excessive drive and tension and attempts to influence others).

  • MIND – DULLNESS – epilepsy – with
  • MIND – GESTURES, makes
  • MIND – GESTURES, makes – enthusiastic
  • MIND – PROSTRATION of mind
  • MIND – SPEECH – enthusiastic
  • MIND – WILL – strong will power


May have thin, wiry, and intense appearance. Great restlessness and urge to move or move fast.
Nervously overwrought and overly sensitive to external impressions such as light, noise, confusion. Escalating nervous tension leading to a nervous breakdown. Mental and physical complaints from overexertion of the will. Rigidity of fiber; rheumatoid, arthritic tendencies; connective tissue diseases. Increased muscle tension, seen in extreme form in manic or catatonic states; increased strength during manic episodes; hyperactivity. Hyperthyroidism.  Hypertension; heart palpitations. Sleep disturbances. A head injury may cause cerebral disturbances, marked by heightened tension and nervous/sensory sensitivity, a driven state, and increased rigidity of fiber. Impaired cognitive functioning, however minute, may challenge the person to increased use of willpower and exertion of personal strength. [The related species Verbena hastata (Blue Vervain or Ironweed), by use of the tincture of the entire fresh plant, has been found of value in affections of the nervous system, especially in insomnia, mental exhaustion, and epilepsy.]

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – overambitious patients
  • Tension headaches, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar troubles, dysmenorrhea  Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypertension
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Soft tissue rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Insomnia – intermittent type (due to excessive demands and suppression of hostility)
  • Skin disease (psoriasis)
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – patients with character neurosis


Cherry Plum: Nervous breakdown, extreme tension; internal battles to overcome impulsive, unwanted urges; strives to do what is right; superhuman strength; hyperactivity (also Chestnut Bud); head injury.
Impatiens: Driven, impatient, and tense; urges others on to work faster from sheer lack of patience and calm; escalating tension, nervous breakdown; hyperactivity; head injury.
Oak: Strong resolve and feats of willpower; wants to persevere due to sense of duty and loyalty.
Rock Water: Idealistic, follows a path of personal or spiritual progress; attempts to convert others; prone to self-denial and strict self-mastery.
Chicory: Conscientious overcare toward others; wants to guide others for sake of developing close relations; possessiveness.
Vine: Guides and influences others by overpowering them against their will.
Red Chestnut: Cares for the well-being of others; anxious attempts to persuade them to avoid potentially harmful roads.
Rock Rose: Nervous breakdown, sensitivity of nervous system to outside impressions; great fragility of nerves and chronic anxiety; racing mind;  head injury.
Holly: Overly sensitive and easily vexed by disturbing sensory impressions.

Homoeopathic Medicine  and   Vervain

Chelidonium majus: High principles in regard to achieving and accomplishing; pragmatic attitude, does not want to be deterred by emotions and expects others to do likewise; tension, soreness, and rigidity in muscles and tendons; rheumatic complaints, especially in hips and thighs; intermittent insomnia, wakes at 4 a.m.  and cannot go back to sleep due to thinking about the work ahead and that it should get done.
Causticum: Fanatic and rebellious, very sympathetic toward the oppressed, wants to fight for justice; rigid fibers; contracted tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis; fibrositis; rheumatism and arthritis; head injury.
Nux vomica: Overambitious, determined, exacting; sensitive to external impressions; headaches from tension; heart conditions (heart palpitations); hypertension; gastric ulceration; fibrositis; rigid fiber, spasmodic tension; insomnia; head injury.
Dulcamara (Solanum dulcamara): Rigidly opinionated, wants to interfere in and dominate the lives of others, especially family members; hypertension; connective tissue disease; rheumatism and arthritis, (worse rainy weather); lumbar pain.
Iodum: Anxious and agitated, restless, hyperactive; compulsive overexertion and conscientious exactness, checks things repeatedly; heart conditions (heart palpitations, arrhythmia); hyperthyroidism; propelled to move; emaciated; psoriasis; (internal heat).
Stramonium (Datura stramonium): Hyperactive and intensely exaggerated in expression; manic-depressive; wild laughter, violence, rage, strong fears, stammering; intense, energetic; nervous and sensory oversensitivity; spasmodic muscles; head injury.
Veratrum album: Self-righteous, expressive; religious fanaticism, urge to  convince others; hyperactive, manic-depressive; severe dysmenorrhea; muscles tend to cramp and twitch; (internal coldness and coldness of extremities).
Tarentula hispanica: Intensely hurried and restlessly driven; works at fast pace; hyperactive in mind and body, moves and thinks with a rapid internal rhythm; destructive, prone to impulsive and manic reactions, with increased strength; rebellious; nervous and sensory oversensitivity; heart conditions (angina pectoris, heart palpitations); diabetes; dysmenorrhea; muscular twitches and jerks; sleep disturbances; head injury.
Coffea cruda: Overly excited mental/emotional state; ecstasy; uncontrollable thoughts, racing mind; nervous and sensory oversensitivity to external impressions; heart palpitations from excitement; insomnia from overactivity of the mind.

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