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Populus Tremula…..

A slender tree with flattened leaf stalks.The pendant male and smaller round female catkins appears in March or April , before the leaves.

Emotional Group: Fear …

Aspen is related to the soul potentials of fearlessness, overcoming and resurrection. -Ve Aspen Sate — One is caught up in unconscious anxieties. Inexplicable, vague fears, apprehensions , secret fear of some impending evil.

Aspen Key Symptoms …

Inexplicable fears: Fears of anything and everything and cannot specify what

Vague Fears

Unconsioous anxieties and apprehension of unknown origin

  • Groundless Fear day and night
  • Sudden anxiety attacks
  • Creepy sensation of fear as if bewitched
  • Self – deception, delusion
  • Over-imaginativeness
  • Fearful fascination with occult phenomena, superstitious
  • Fear of persecution, of punishment, fear of an invisible force or power
  • Nightmares, walking in fear and panic and not daring to go back to sleep again
  • Afraid of thoughts and dreams on religious subjects, darkness and death
  • “Afraid of Fear” but dares not talk about it with anyone
  • Anxiety attacks with trembling, sweating, gooseflesh
  • Children:– Afraid to be alone or sleep in the dark, for fear of the ‘bogey man’ or similar notions

“{Text Taken From Book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}

Detailed explanation of negative outcomes

  • An unpredictable anxiety /fear attack of inexplicable origin can happen anytime , they r afraid of that fear attack.
  • Fear of some terrible happening , but does not know what -even “sees” bad t…hings happening but can not specify what…….
  • Vague fears which may result in internal and external trembling .
  • pessimistic , superstitions , preoccupation with omens….
  • Afraid to tell these fears to others .as they feel that people will laugh and think that they are silly .It is very difficult to understand that fear.

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • It will bring back normalcy , besides improving good health.
  • It gives faith that one is safe and protected .
  • Courage to transcedent vague fears , feels calm and collected.
  • Ability to face all unaccountable , unpredictable , unknown things.

Physical Diseases Due to Negative Emotions

  • Insomnia due to nightmares
  • Diarrhoea due to anxiety
  • Nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking,  anxiety, sudden crying
  • During anxiety attack, may have profuse sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Lost Voice, Trembling, Palpitations, Fainting, etc
  • In extreme cases, appearance looks plae, haunted all the time
References and Further Readings

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Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer

Foto: Leo Michels

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