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Centaury Erythraea (c. umbellatum)

A very upright annual, 2-12 in (5-35cm) in height, along roadsides and on waste ground. The small pink flowers form tight stalked clusters at the top of the plant. They appear between June and August, opening only on bright days.

Emotional Group : Oversensitive to influences and ideas…

Centaury relates to the soul qualities of self-determination andself realization. In the negative centaury state, the relationship to one’s own will is poor. Weak willed over reaction to the wishes of others, good nature easily exploited, cant say no.

Centuary  Key Symptoms

  • Weak Willed
  • Easily influenced
  • Self-neglecting
  • Gentle
  • Docile
  • Used as ‘doormats’ by others

  • Passive, weak willed, guided by others
  • Individuality not well developed
  • Willing, obidient and even subservient
  • Reacts more to the wishes of others rather than his own
  • Easily led astray in the desire to please, in extream cases to the point of self denial
  • Sometimes a martyr
  • A slave rather than conscious helper
  • Under the yoke of another, more egoistic personality-parent, life partner, superior etc …
  • Easily persuaded
  • Good nature easily exploited
  • Often a Cinderella for others or a doormat
  • Unconsciously adopts gestures, phases and opinion of a stronger personality
  • Easily tired, pale, pale, worn out
  • Avoids dispute, not standing up for own interesting
  • Tends to give more than he has
  • Easily over-estimates own resources in eagerness to serve
  • In danger of failing to achieve mission in life

{Text Taken From Book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}

Detailed Explanation of Negative Emotions

  • Detailed Explanation of Negative Emotions: — Willing to serve at the expense of one’s own interest
  • Weak willed especially with own personal goals
  • They have no indivisuality of thier own …
  • They are oversensitive to others and thier needs. Oversenitivity comes from being too open and respective to the demands of expectations and demands of others, enhanced by thier own desire to love and serve
  • Anxious to please others. Exploited by uncaring people
  • Learnt to be submissive all through his life
  • Lack personal force. They do not stand up for themselves
  • Dependent Personality
  • Easily influenced by others
  • Overtime his personal creativity and satisfaction become hampered, and he no longer enjoys the service he used to enjoy

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • Stays in touch with their own needs, wishes, goals
  • Able to express and defend their own opinions
  • Can choose his own way of life …
  • Sereves others out of his own free will, free from stifling obligation
  • Capable of setting limits and refusing to do other’s bidding, if he wants to
  • Provides enough mental strength to the person to shake of his slave mental attitude
  • It gives self-determination and self-recognition
  • Inner strength

Physical Diseases Due to Negative Emotions

  • General Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Inability to work
  • Physical exhaustion and weariness
  • “Burn out syndrome” complaints from overexertion
  • Exhausted after anyattack of acute diseases
  • Hypertension, hyperthyroidism, insulin-dependent diabetes, soft tissue rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis
References and Further Readings

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