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Botanical name: Ceratostigma willmottianum Stapf.
Family: Plumbaginaceae

  • English: Cerato
  • Chinese: plumbago

Mind / Emotions

Lack of a self-reliant, self-assured, invigorated dynamic of personality. Indecisiveness, with distrust in one’s own judgment.  Reliance on the advice of others; defining one’s self-worth by being evaluated by others.  Uncertainty of self-expression in speaking, in personal mannerisms, in doing and creating.  Shyness, reluctance to seek out others or perform, yet great interest in being accepted and honored.  Immaturity of behavior, inappropriate laughing, making remarks that do not suit the occasion; continuous tendency to ask questions.  Subdued and self-absorbed, feels hampered by own self; painful, unwanted self-observation.  Preoccupation with own appearance.

Delusions or distortions as to own identity; for example, may feel as if being two persons at once.  Overly identifies with others.  Uncertainty of memory, errors in estimation.  Mental illness marked by uncertainty and hesitancy of expression; yet, Cerato is also of service in apparent “certainty” such as stems from the conviction that one is two people at once; the remedy can aid to dispel wrong conclusions and estimations (gender identity disorder, delusional and anxiety states, sexual disorders, dependent personality disorder, avoidance personality disorder).

  • MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence
  • MIND – MOOD – changeable


Awkwardness of movements.  Distortions of the body feeling; being small or double, having three limbs, etc.  Stammering; uncertainty when choosing words in speaking or writing.  May assist giving clarity to the vital force in allergic responses, as the body is unable to deal with the intruding agent and cannot decide on a strategy of defense.  Anxious self-observation in regard to symptoms, and these may even intensify under the scrutiny; uncertainty toward the disease and increased dependence on health professional.

  • Susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Skin allergies
  • Skin diseases (atopic dermatitis – infantile eczema; psoriasis)
  • Cardiac neurosis
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – dependent patients
  • ’Emotional diarrhea’
  • Skin diseases (urticaria and atopic dermatitis – adolescence and adulthood)


Mimulus: Fearful and shy; easily intimidated by others.

Larch: Low self-confidence and sense of inferiority; dread of being evaluated unfavorably; lack of courage when facing new tasks or endeavors.

Gentian: Easily discouraged and intimidated by small hindrances; lacks self-assurance and perseverance.

Walnut: Easily influenced by others to the point of losing own identity; lack of inner stability and steadfastness; suggestibility.

Centaury: Lack of certainty in regard to own potentials; serves others from sense of duty, may become overly dependent on others and lose center of identity.

Crab Apple: Self-depreciation and low self-esteem; feels shame and self-disgust.

Wild Oat: Seeks fulfillment and purpose, yet has no direct path; uncertainty in regard to own potentials.

Homoeopathic Medicines and Cerato

Baryta carbonica: Shy and anxious on meeting strangers or on appearing in public, yet boisterous and silly with friends and family; interested in proper grooming before joining peers; irresolution; developmental delay in children in regard to speaking, social behavior, and overall growth in mind and body; cardiac neurosis; allergies. (See also Baryta acetica and Baryta muriatica.)

Lycopodium clavatum: Lack of self-confidence, feels easily threatened in regard to own person; bravado, attempt to impress others; irresolution; fear of undertaking new endeavors; gastric ulcer; skin conditions; allergies.

Thuja occidentalis: Low self-esteem; self-preoccupation, worry about being accepted by others; fixated ideas about low self-worth, with fear that others find out; mumbling of last part of sentence; may feel fragile, vulnerable, depressive, and lonely; skin conditions; allergies.

Silica: Low self-confidence and “stage fright” in regard to public endeavors and performances; shyness; irresolution; yielding own point of view during argument; fixed ideas about own person, subdued; gastric ulcer; skin conditions.

Graphites: Subdued and uncertain expressive power of personality; much worry and nervousness about potential endeavors, but action is not taken; stagnation, irresolution, dullness; lack of courage to express own opinion; gastric and duodenal ulcers; skin conditions.

Petroleum: Low self-confidence and timidity; anxiety when in company; irresolution; lack of courage to express own opinion; uncertain body feeling, delusion of having three limbs, of having other persons in bed, of being double; weak memory, especially in regard to localities and time; skin conditions.

Theridion curassavicum: Low self-confidence and discouragement; confusion in regard to time sense and body feeling, head feels as if belonging to another; displeased with own person; lack of power of consciousness, vertigo and nausea on closing eyes and from motion, unconsciousness after exertion; fluttering of eyes and flickering before eyes, with confusion of consciousness; weak memory; indecision, thinking of a comparative nature is difficult; finds pleasure in nothing; heightened nervous sensitivity; anxiety about heart; susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis.

Argentum nitricum: Nervousness and timidity, yet exuberance of expression; childlike expression, enjoys company; suggestibility; anxiety when facing tasks; mental impulsivity and compulsive behavior; many uncertainties and fears in regard to commonplace occurrences; anxious self-observation in regard to mental/emotional and physical symptoms; cardiac neurosis; diarrhea from apprehension (‘emotional diarrhea’).

Refrence for further study

RICHARDSON-BOEDLER C., The Psychological / Constitutional Essences of the Bach Flowers Remedies

SCHROYENS F., Synthesis

MURPHY R., Homeopathic Remedy Guide

VARMA P. N. and INDU V., Encyclopaedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia

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