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Aesculus Hippocastanum …..

The same tree also provides White Chestnut Essence from the flowers . In the present case glossy buds are use, their resinous outer layer of 14 overlapping scales enveloping both flower and leaves.

Emotional Group:  Insufficient interest in present circumstances

“Chestnut Bud relates to the soul potentials of learning capacity and of materialization. In the negative chestnut bud state , there are problems in finding right way to co-ordinate the inner thought world with physical reality. Repeating the same faults over and over again , beacuse experiences are not really disgested and not enough is learned from them.

Chestnut Bud Key Symptoms …

Failure to learn from experience

Repeating some mistakes

Lack of reasoning and reflecting power

Escapist Mentality

Jying in order to escape from situation

  • The same mistakes are repeated over and over again , the same arrangements , the same accidents etc.
  • Seems very slow to learn from life , be it from lack of interest indifference , inner haste or lack of observation.
  • Does not get enough out of experience , events are not reconsidered at sufficient depth.
  • Prefers to rush into new ventures rather than letting past ones have any real effect .
  • Never thinnks of learning from the experience of others of others
  • Seems to be naive , awkward , inattentive.
  • Slow to learn , mental blocks , retarded development.
  • Physical illness appears regularly , at periodic intervals , without  apparent reason.

{Text taken from book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}

Detailed Explanation of Negative Mind Set

  • Patient is in a state of inattentiveness  , lack of onservation. Does not learn from past experiences ‘or’ others experience.
  • Such patients find excuse for postponing these work, they welcome distraction  .Develop escapist mentality .Fake illnesses like stomach ache or feeling sleepy etc to escape from studies /work.
  • Instead of handling it with courage , he feels like running away from the situation, run away mentality.
  • Fail to reason and reflect properly upon thier actions and thier words. Indulging in undesirable behaviour even when he knows it is bad for him eg eating unhealthy food even as he remembers it is not good for him.
  • The young mind that is impulsive ,rapidly growing , outgoing , spontaneous
  • Good remedy for the children who refrain from learning and studing  ,helps in developing and creating interest.
  • Hyperactivity disorders like bad behaviour , unruly , spontanious , impulsive movements , disobedience , committing anti social acts again and again  , carelessness , clumsiness , reckless behaviour.Mental hurriedness, Quickness of mind , but comprehension difficult due to inattentiveness.
  • Inappropriate hilarity , laughing at reprimands , lacking in integrity and maturity , easily swayed , emotionally unstable . Keeps borrowing money from others and gambles it away……

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • Able to Focus and Concentration better in the present moment.
  • They become more Joyful and spontaneous , yet calm , mature and wise .
  • Keenly Observe things. Observes himself and his mistakes
  • Breaking old patterns.
  • Quick to Learn from experience.
  • Growth in moral insights and strength of Character Speaks the truth and stand by it.

Physical Ailments Due to Negative Emotions

  • Tendency to place himself in dangerous situations
  • Hypersensitivity or restlessness
References and Further Readings

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Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer

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