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Dr-Jeetendra Mali

A 55 years old lady came to me and requested to see her daughter who was in very miserable state since 3 months.

Mrs AP 25 yrs old female; suffering from profound weakness, nausea, vomiting, head pain, sleeplessness, fear, restlessness, depression and lethargy.

She narrated me her complains in a weeping tone as follow:
PT:There are constant rush of thoughts in my mind; always some thoughts are there in my mind; whenever I saw somebody’s sorrow, I think that it’s of mine, then I becomes sad and my body starts trembling with fear.

I am scared so much so that, I think I am going to be insane. I have lost my sleep since 3 months. I am feeling very sad; feels tosit alone away from people; I am unable to continue my life with these thoughts – thoughts of suicide pursuing my mind.

I get scared from these thoughts; I can’t finish them; something evil is going to happen; my mind getting weak day by day; I am not feeling fresh; I lost my all power; if I eat something it get vomited within few minutes;

I have not slept since three months; have to take sleeping pill which gives relief for an hour; why to live with such condition; I have to die please doctor give me medicine to die; three months have gone, sir I won’t think that I will be cure from these condition.

DR: what is that thing with which are you scared?
PT: I don’t know, exactly what is that, but that thing and thoughts are in my mind constantly.

I thought following rubrics for her,
1. MIND – ANXIETY – driving from place to place
2. MIND – THOUGHTS – persistent
3. MIND – HORRIBLE things, sad stories affect her profoundly
4. MIND – SUICIDAL disposition – thoughts
5. MIND – SADNESS – company – aversion to company, desire for solitude
6. MIND – DOUBTFUL – recovery, of
7. MIND – FEAR – tremulous
8. MIND – FEAR – unknown; of the
9. SLEEP – SLEEPLESSNESS – thoughts – activity of thoughts; from
MOTHER: she and her husband has been transferred for job to Kolar (A place in Karnataka where gold mines are there) in gold mine 4 months before;  since then her complaints started; one should pay money for water, as water from is not potable in mine area; Doctors said that its psychological disease; so I thought to consult you so I called her here.

After listening this I prescribed AUR-M 1M single dose followed by sac-lac, with full confidence, as I got another clue in the form of possibility of gold poisoning along with above mentioned totality.

On third day patient reported with her mother that vomiting and head pain stopped totally; sleep also improved. O/E: less restless as compare to restlessness during first visit;  she cured completely within 15 days and sent with placebo of one month with single dose of AUR-M 10M with her which is to be taken if symptoms reappears by chance.

3 months passed, today her mother reported that, she is keeping well with your medicine; and she is coming for Diwaali festival and will meet you then!


Homoeopathy is versatile science; we can treat ‘n’ number of diseases irrespective of disease names as we prescribe on symptom similarity. Hahnemann truly said in sec-26 i.e. whatever may be the cause; the similar manifestations can be the answer for similar manifestations.
So homoeopathy won’t bother whether symptoms are due to gold poisoning, or from any living organism – cure can be achieved with application of universal natural law i.e. law of similimum!

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