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Botanical name: Larix decidua Miller
Family Pinaceae

  • Latin: Larix europaea DC:
  • English: European larch;
  • Spanish: Larice, Alerce Europeo;
  • French: Pin de Briancon, Meleze d’Europe;
  • German: Gemeine Lärche.


Despondent and despairing from low self-confidence. Believing oneself to be less worthy or capable than others, one loses in the comparison with others. One’s work or progress in life appears hindered or doomed due to the belief that one will not master the necessary steps. Hidden fears of certain dreaded tasks or performances, fear of failure.  Introverted, self-centered view; tasks are not seen as intended for others, but mainly as a representation of oneself by which one can be judged.  Sense of being forsaken, of being alienated from others, of being left out from engagement in the joys and accomplishments of society.  One may feel intimidated, depressed, hesitant and irresolute, and unmotivated.  Mixed feelings of envy, respect, and shyness in regard to those in charge of themselves and their work.  Sense of inferiority may be defended against by exaggerated, overly ambitious attempts to achieve or “show off” and prove one’s worth.

  • MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence
  • MIND – POSTPONING everything to next day


  • Weariness in mind and body, lethargy, lack of healthful incentive, lack of muscular tonicity. Low stamina.
  • Depressive state, subdued functioning of the organism.
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – overambitious patients
  • Hyperventilation syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers – dependent patients
  • Emotional diarrhea’
  • Skin diseases (urticaria and atopic dermatitis – adolescence and adulthood)


Cerato: Lack of self-assurance; lack of trust in one’s own decisions; self-hampering and awkward in one’s personal expression; heavily relies on others for sense of self-worth, asks others for advice.
Gentian: Discouragement and lack of perseverance; gives up from small obstacles, lack of faith in one’s power of performance.
Mimulus: Fear of upcoming events, fears failure; shyness and reluctance to go forward.
Crab Apple: Self-depreciation; despair over shame and feelings of being unclean.
Pine: Self-reproach and self-condemnation; guilt and regret.
Wild Rose: Apathetic resignation; lack of incentive to work for one’s happiness, belief that it is futile.
Centaury: Low ambition for advancement of own self; subservient to another person.

Homeopathic Medicines and Larch

Anacardium orientale: Feelings of inferiority, desire to prove own self; indecision and fear of failure; depressive to the point of suicide; self-absorbed, does not like to be looked at, feels persecuted; moral weakness; gastric ulcer; urticaria and atopic dermatitis.
Baryta carbonica: Low self-esteem, shyness; craving to be accepted by others, puts emphasis on a good appearance; strong apprehension about rejection or failure; irresolution; low stamina in mind and body; skin eruptions, especially at tips of fingers.
Lac caninum: Excitable, many fears such as fear of diseases, of death, of fainting; persistent belief that own self is looked down upon by others, low self-confidence; (visions of snakes); migraines with alternating pain, going from side to side.
Lycopodium clavatum: Dreads undertaking new things, fears failure; yet, craves power, recognition, and achievement; irresolution; low stamina in mind and body; migraines; gastric ulcer; eczema.
Pulsatilla nigricans: Gentle and yielding; low self-confidence, feels forsaken; easily influenced and malleable; migraines; ‘emotional diarrhea’ (from apprehension).
Silica: Yielding and fainthearted; fear of failure in public endeavors, especially fear of public speaking; fixed ideas; shyness; indecision; low stamina in mind and body; migraines; gastric ulcer; ‘emotional diarrhea’ (from apprehension); skin abscesses.
Thuja occidentalis: Feels worthless and inferior, is afraid that the others find out; seeks to be popular, to be accepted by others; fixed ideas; irresolution, hesitancy of personal expression; depressive feeling of being forsaken, of being separate; fatigue; eczema.
Cocculus indicus: Loss of willpower in regard to beginning endeavors and seeing them through; anxious and apprehensive; feels as if had failed or done wrong; tired mind, slow of comprehension; depression; migraines; low stamina; chronic fatigue syndrome, may come on from loss of sleep.
Kali carbonicum: Strong-willed, exercises control over emotions, conforms to rules, yet is plagued by anxieties and low self-confidence; dread and anxiety are felt in the stomach; persistent worry; migraines;  hyperventilation syndrome; gastric ulcer; low stamina.
Naja tripudians: Self-depreciation; feels own self to be a failure, believes mistakes cannot be rectified; knows what is right to do, but feels uncontrollable urge not to do so; resulting low self-esteem; exaggerates problems, dwells on troubles; causation from grief; migraines; listlessness and fatigue.

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