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“Mimulus Guttatus …

Native to North America ,this perennial ,about 1ft (30 cm) in height , grows along brooks , streams and in damp places .The large solitary yellow flowers open between June and August.”

Emotional Group :- Fear

“Mimulus relates to the soul qualities of courage and confidence. In Negative Mimulus State , one has to learn to overcome one’s fears.”

Mimulus Keynote Symptoms …

Fear and exiety of known things

Shyness and timidity

  • Specific fears that can be named , shyness , timidity , afraid of the world.
  • Shy, timid, reserved ,  very sensitive physically.
  • Frightened of life , but hides fears.
  • Specific anxieties and phobias such as : fear of cold , fear of dark , fear of illness , and pain , fear of cancer, fear of death,  fear of future , fears of accidents , fear for one’s health , fear of losing one’s friends , fears of the  telephone , fears of sprider ,mice , dogs etc.
  • All kinds of hypersensitivities , such as , to cold , noise , unkindness , loud words , conflicts , contradiction , aggression , doesnt want to be talked to
  • Unsure of oneself due to nervousness , occasional speech , difficulties or stammer , nervous laughter .
  • Blushes easily
  • Afraid to be alone , but shy and nervous in company .
  • Gets very anxious when meeting with opposition or when things are not working out .
  • Presence of others is enervating
  • Overcautious during convalescence eg , not daring to move the broken leg for fearing of hurting it or undoing the healing that has taken place.
  • Easily faals ill when faced with the things one is afraid of.

Rock Rose — Very actue fears bordering on terrors.

Aspen — vague fears of foreboding and apprehension that cannot be clearly defined.

Mimulus — General fears due to known conditions.”

{Above Text taken from book Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer}”

Detailed Explanation of Negative Mind Set

  • The person has a fear and Anxiety of known things. Fear of all things that can be defined , worldy things like height , darkenss , death , oldage , poverty, doctord, animals,water etc.
  • FEARS OF CONCRETE ORIGIN like fears of circumstances , persons ‘or’ objects.
  • All kinds of phobias. …
  • Fear of socializing , speaking in public ,  being alone .
  • Any kind of fear that had a defined origin.

Expected Positive Outcomes

  • This helps the patient in reduction of his fears.
  • He gets courage and confidence to face difficulties
  • Gets inner strength , feels the fear , yet overcomes it.
  • Transcends timidity and shyness
  • Starts normal  life without depressing thoughts or fears.

Physical Ailments Due to Negative Emotions

  • Breathing Distrutbances with fear
  • Stomach cramps , ulcers and gastric disturbances from frightening experiences
  • Stammering
  • Easy crying and anxiety attacks
References and Further Readings

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Bach Flower Remedies, Mechthild Scheffer

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