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Botanical name : Hottonia palustris L. Per.
Family : Primulaceae
Synonyms :

  • English : Water violet, European featherfoil;
  • French: Plumeau, Hottonie des marais;
  • German: Sumpfprimel.


Reserved dignity. Refined and perceptive; may have evolved personality; advanced spiritually.
Feelings of superiority and pride, feels endowed due to personal achievement or high birth.
Spiritual pride; religious arrogance; feels favored or chosen, due also to true personal growth.
May have endured suffering and grown from it on a spiritual level. Perceives most others as immature or less experienced; does not feel the urge to associate with those others beyond necessary social encounters. Lack of easy comradery, lack of spontaneity; aloofness; eccentricity, extravagance. Highly refined, also sensitive to impressions and emotionally vulnerable; secret fear of rejection in intimate relations. Internal contradiction; need for closeness opposes the fear of losing one’s independence or of getting hurt in one’s pride. Does not tolerate humiliations, defends by heightened aloofness and by distancing from the offender in superiority. Nourishes self in seclusion; individualistic endeavors; does not seek dependence on others.  May be calm in emergencies and keep a good overview; in charge of own self; intellect rules over emotions when situation calls for it or as a chronic tendency.

  • MIND – FORSAKEN feeling


Sensation of being elevated or floating; ethereal feeling, mentally “spaced-out.”  Ailments from suffering in reserved silence, from not asking for help, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
Musculoskeletal disorders from mental/emotional rigidity and aloofness. Skin allergies from internal opposition between need for intimacy and simultaneous need for independence.

  • Psychosomatic diseases in overly intellectualized patients
  • Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
  • Soft tissue rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Skin allergies


Beech: Superiority; feels entitled to establish standards and criticize others for their shortcomings.

Vine: Eccentricity and superiority; does not tune into others; self-centered ruthlessness.
Clematis: Feels elevated, “spaced-out”; spiritual longing.
Rock Water: Feels superior and accomplished due to having mastered important lessons on the spiritual path; wants to inspire others to do likewise.

Homoeopathic Medicine  and  Water violet

Palladium: Feels special and seeks to be admired; deems own self to be superior to others and worthy of special deference; easily wounded pride; rheumatic pains in right shoulder and right hip.
Veratrum album: Extravagant, with haughty motives behind ideas and actions; feels religiously endowed and chosen for messianic purposes; fainting and vertigo; gastroenteritis and colitis; muscular cramping (coldness); skin allergies (miliary eruptions and hives).
Sulphur: Eccentric and self-absorbed; tends to theorize and intellectualize; religious preoccupation; feels worthy of deference and admiration; (gastric ulcer); colitis; arthritis, connective tissue disease, rheumatism (hip joint disease); skin allergies.
Lachesis muta: Haughty and arrogant; may feel exalted, feels pride in one’s intellectual work and spiritual achievement; may use elevated, well-chosen language; (gastric ulcer); colitis; shortening of tendons (sciatica); connective tissue disease; (skin conditions).
Arsenicum album: Feels refined and superior; gains pride from sense of accomplishment and from establishing purity, cleanliness, organization and order; gastric ulceration, gastroenteritis; rheumatism; skin allergies.
Chelidonium majus: Work-oriented and often accomplished; self-righteousness; feels superior to others due to ability for self-control and lack of indulgence in emotions; underlying need for belonging; rheumatic complaints; hive-like skin eruptions.
Kali carbonicum: May develop pride in own ability for self-control and high degree of loyalty to tasks; does not give in to emotions; gastrointestinal ulceration; rigidity of skeletal system; arthritis, connective tissue disease; skin allergies (hives).
Kali bichromicum: Does not like to be interfered with by others, to associate with others; takes pride in being independent; prefers to work in seclusion, at own pace; does not indulge in emotions; intestinal ulceration; rheumatism, wandering arthritis; skin conditions.

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