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Potassium is constantly striving to do everything within the group in the right way. Muriaticum refers to maternal aspects of this really making. To meet this demand, kali-m sacrifices the own feelings and needs. It closes itself in silent rage, to force the solidarity of the group by means of self-destruction.

Keynotes (by Karl Stauffer):

1. Symptom : Fibrinous, plastic, croupous exudation from the mucous membranes.

Detail : connect fibrous tissue, especially good if it’s plastic. Krupp is coughing and signaled resistance. Resistance that is not articulated precisely but is pushed as a surge into the environment. Mucous membranes are sensitive limitation compared with other media.
Meaning : What could connect, could enable adaptation is ejected violently and without a chance to vote in the developed group. For better or worse. This leads to emotional and sensory loss.

2. Symptom : worsening stomach problems caused by grease, spices, pies.

Detail : The stomach, the sanctuary for all incoming information (being information carrier protein) and good deeds, because food is information growth, increase strength and joy (all that comes from the outside, the joy grow). Fats are energy reserves, Spices are tasty pies are delicate combinations of noble proportions.
Meaning : It’s all been rejected by the outside to come, what is informative, therefore, could provide support its own existence. It’s all too much (working hard to de-= too hard). One can not collect more forces and not be adjusted to the environment. For the pleasures of life you are no longer open. You can not spoil longer.

Forms of the disease, according to clinical indications:

3. Corneal ulcers = may no longer look. Nothing can stream longer. Internally, it gnaws at the own position.
4. Ear: Catarrh; Cracking, deafness. Otitis media catarrhalis = ge never again want to listen. Even not only. listen to wool. Even so much making crash that it works no longer. The environment makes aggressive (Catarrh is usually based on and near related).
5. Strep throat, tonsils, plastic, fibrinöse exudates; Ulcers in the throat and pharynx = throat what you need what serves the own needs runs down. Corrosive thoughts and feelings prevent to take care for themselves and to be useful for themselves.
6 Pneumonia croup in the 2nd stage at hepatisation, the absorption of the infiltrate promotes strong = lungs are available for exchange, for the give and take. When liver involvement (the ability to unfold itself), an own terrain is no longer happening. Everything turns inwards (in filtrates).
7. Pleurisy = through permanent inner anger is no statement that could help the own terrain can no longer be supplied.
8. Rheumatism = inner (urinary) acid flows through the veins. What actually would have to be eliminated, is established as a crystalline wall, at which everyone may violate. First and foremost the sufferer himself.
9. Gland swelling, bursitis, bursitis praepatellaris = Any coordination (glands) and each buffer are lost. Now, it runs up to itself and cannot change it.

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